Scarlat Callimachi 1812-‘19. Lithurgiilor, Iaşi, 1818

Lithurgiilor, Iasi, 1818

The Western Part of Moldavia after 1812


From the Division to the Association (1812-1859)

After the Turkish-Russian War of 1806-'12 Russia annexed the part of Moldavia between the Dniester and Prut which was called Bessarabia. The annexation also affected the coat of arms used in Moldova. From 1812 the field of the arms of the principality is blue. The showpiece is a mantle coverd with the Moldavian prince crown Behind it are the sword and scepter in saltire. Not much later dolphins were added for supporters.

From 1828 to 1834 Moldavia was occupied by the Russian army under General Kiseleff. He addeda cross of an order to the shield base (probably the cross of the Russian Order of St. George), but this disappeared in 1834.

After the withdrawal of the Russians the original coat of arms with the blue field was restored but later the golden field was restored

The provisional government of the principality from 1856, however, used a shield parted per fess of red over blue .


For the eastern part see:  Moldova 

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