Sigiliul lui Ieremia Movilă, domnul Moldovei, 1597 (7105) mart. 3

In 1538 Moldova was conquered by the Ottomans. Instead vassals of the Polish king, the Moldavian princes now became vassals of the  Porte. Their desire for autonomy, however, did not change. Just like in old times they tried to enlarge it by seeking support from the rivals of their liege. The most successful among them, Vasile Lupu (1634-'53) augmented the Moldovan coat of arms by adding a princely crown a sword and scepter in saltire and two angels for supporters. By Dimitrie Cantemir (1693 & 1710-'11) the angels were replaced by lions. Cantemir tried in 1711 to restore the independence of Moldavia by entering into a treaty with Peter the Great of Russia. The allied armies of Moldavia and Russia were defeated the same year by the Turks at Stalinisti. To put an end to the ongoing Moldovan agitation the Porte henceforth made govern the principality by Greeks originating from Constantinople, the Phanariotes. Under their reign the coat of arms was changed. The crown around the horns and the sun and moon were removed (officially?) and the field became gold instead of blue. Scepter, sword and crown were retained as showpieces.

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